By Noah Rothstein

Many technologies and products created in response to pandemic needs have now finished production and proven their efficacy. As the world slowly reopens, many of these products have proven helpful in tempering consumer anxiety and bolstering safety for businesses.

At restaurants, many tables are separated by plexiglass or plastic, especially in tight corners when it is impossible to create a full six feet between patrons. These are not likely to go away any time soon.

Companies like MergeWorks produce restaurant table dividers and room dividers that are customizable depending on a customer’s needs (for bars, restaurants, or even tables). 

“Outdoor seating is considered a safer alternative to indoor seating; yet proper ventilation in outdoor dining areas cannot always be guaranteed. The CDC still considers dining in the open air risky even when tables are spaced at least 6 feet apart. It would be wise to consider using outside dining dividers in addition to indoor dining dividers,”  the company stated.

Restaurants and bars are a hot market for new products like these dividers because it also creates a feeling of privacy for customers, and restaurants are ordering in bulk.

Last year was huge for hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes businesses, and they are sure to keep churning out products to meet demand. Even boarding an aircraft, passengers are each given mini rubbing alcohol wipes to wipe down their seats, tray tables, and belongings. The practice is likely to stick around as it makes customers feel safer and protects the airline. In addition to thorough sanitation routines in between trips, the customers get an added element of ‘control,’ sanitizing their space on their own. This increases the chances of a clean personal space and demonstrates that the airline cares about keeping its passengers safe.

Other e-commerce products stand out because they offer sanitation and cleanliness via proprietary technology, such as waterproof and rip-proof synthetic paper menus that are machine washable. TerraSlate has seen a considerable surge in demand for these types of menus, and the company recently announced a new feature: antimicrobial and antiviral nano-coating. 

Antimicrobial and antiviral nano-coating help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses that standard menus perpetuate. The coating provides that extra element of safety and security for customers because they are machine washable.

“Consumers are savvy enough to know what’s been done for the sake of insight into efficiency and risk management. They want to know brands can speak to ecological and social data captured for the purpose of providing insight into how they might invest in the practices that will help fuel a more sustainable shared future,” says Shanley Knoxa marketing and innovation strategist.