By Nathalie Voit

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is opening its first retail location for all things “metaverse”-related on May 9, the company announced on April 25.  

The store is meant to make it easier for people to try out all of the company’s hardware products and get a better sense of what the metaverse is all about.

Guests will be able to demo the company’s Oculus virtual reality headsets and discover dozens of VR games and apps.  

Clients will also be able to try out Portal, a smart video calling device that makes it easy to stay connected with family and friends. Meta will also showcase Ray-Ban stories, Meta’s first-generation smart glasses, in the Burlingame, California location.

“Once people experience the technology, they can gain a better appreciation for it. If we did our job right, people should leave and tell their friends, ‘You’ve got to go check out the Meta Store,’” said Head of Meta Store Martin Gilliard in the announcement.

Customers will be able to purchase Meta’s Quest 2 headset, Quest 2 accessories, and Portal video chat devices directly in-store. The company said that those interested in buying Ray-Ban Stories will have to order them online.

Meta also noted it added a “shop” tab to its website to make it easier for customers to access all of the company’s hardware products in one place.

“Ultimately, our goal with the Meta Store is to show people what’s possible with our products today, while giving a glimpse into the future as the metaverse comes to life — and hopefully demystifying that concept a bit in the process,” Meta said.