By Emma Nitzsche 

Twitter will launch a shopping feature pilot aimed at encouraging e-commerce on its platform. The “Shop module” will begin allowing businesses to showcase products for sale at the top of their profile page.

The module will allow users to scroll through a group of product images and click on the product they are interested in purchasing. Once the product is selected, Twitter will open the business’s website through the app, and the customer can learn more about the product. Currently, the pilot program is limited to iOS devices and English-speaking users.

Twitter announced that the new shopping module would feature approximately twelve brands in the United States. Some of the released brands include GameStop and Arden Cove and other companies representing various industries. However, the social media company did not release a timeline for when more brands could join the platform.

At Twitter’s Analyst Day in February, Twitter revenue lead Bruce Falck said the program is an attempt to expand into e-commerce.

“People talk about products on Twitter every day, so we’re excited about how this early exploration of the Shop module can build a bridge between people talking about and discovering products on Twitter to actually purchasing them,” Falck said.

Twitter hasn’t offered a way for interested businesses to sign up for the pilot because the company is still testing out the features. The social media platform hopes to better understand its users’ shopping habits and track which types of products drive traffic to online retailers. In addition, Twitter said it would work with businesses to better understand their individual needs through the Merchant Advisory Board, which will include the top merchants utilizing the platform.

At the Analyst Day, Falck noted that many businesses already use Twitter to interact with their customers and discuss their favorite products.

“This demand gives us confidence in the power of combining real-time conversations with an engaged and intentional audience. Imagine easily discovering and quickly purchasing a new skincare product or trendy sneaker from a brand you follow with only a few clicks,” Falck added.

By creating a module that makes it easy for businesses to point users to their desired products, the social media platform is bridging the gap between consumer and producer.

Last year, Facebook opened a shopping feature to encourage users to purchase items they see on their feeds. The feature lets consumers purchase products directly from posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter is exploring additional ways of making money beyond posting advertisements. This year, the company announced a paid subscription service, giving users access to premium features and exclusive content. In addition, the social media company rolled out a ‘Super Follows feature‘ that allows users to charge followers for exclusive content.