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6 September 6, 2022

World Food Price Falls for 5th Consecutive Month

2022-09-06T16:18:01+00:00September 6, 2022|

By Alice Seeley On Sept. 2, The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced that its World Food Price index, which measures the most globally traded food commodities, fell for the fifth month in a row in August. The organization stated that its index averaged 138.0 points for August versus 140.7 for July. The index has been steadily decreasing from a record high [...]

6 September 6, 2022

Twitter Finally Releases Edit Button

2022-09-06T16:17:37+00:00September 6, 2022|

By Alice Seeley Twitter released its long-awaited edit button on Sep. 1 after users begged for the feature for years. According to Twitter's Vice-President of Consumer Product, Jay Sullivan, the ability to edit tweets was "the most requested Twitter feature for many years." The addition of the edit button is the biggest change the social media platform has [...]

30 August 30, 2022

Washington To Ban New Gas Cars Sales By 2035

2022-08-30T02:07:49+00:00August 30, 2022|

By Alice Seeley Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced that his state will follow California and ban the sale of new gas and diesel cars by 2035. “This is a critical milestone in our climate fight. Washington set in law a goal for all new car sales to be zero emissions by 2030, and we’re ready to adopt [...]

29 August 29, 2022

T-Mobile and SpaceX Partner to Provide Wireless Service in Remote Areas

2022-08-29T17:32:53+00:00August 29, 2022|

By Alice Seeley For Americans living in the country's most remote areas, wireless service may be coming soon. Last week, wireless provider T-Mobile U.S. Inc announced a partnership with the Spacecraft engineering company SpaceX to bring cell phone connectivity everywhere in the United States. According to a press release from SpaceX's Chief Engineer Elon Musk, despite powerful LTE and 5G terrestrial [...]

29 August 29, 2022

Consumer Spending Barely Rises in July

2022-08-29T17:32:50+00:00August 29, 2022|

By Alice Seeley According to a report from the U.S. Department of Commerce released on Aug. 26, consumer spending rose by 0.1% in July from the previous month. This is a slowdown from the 1% increase in June. Economists polled by the Wall Street Journal predicted a 0.5% increase in spending in July. The slowdown was caused by widespread inflation. Department reported that [...]

26 August 26, 2022

Amazon Closes Telehealth Service Branch

2022-08-26T16:52:49+00:00August 26, 2022|

By Alice Seeley Amazon Inc. announced that it will shut down its Amazon Care primary healthcare services at the end of 2022. The move will only impact Amazon Care and Care Medical teams and not Amazon's other healthcare services. "This decision wasn't made lightly and only became clear after many months of careful consideration," said Neil Lindsay, [...]

25 August 25, 2022

Mortgage Demand from First-Time Buyers Rises

2022-08-25T16:20:04+00:00August 25, 2022|

By Alice Seeley First-time buyers may be slowly returning to the housing market despite high-interest rates, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s weekly report. The report stated that although mortgage demand is waning, first-time buyers are starting to return. This time last year, the volume of mortgage applications was 21% higher, although there was an increase in [...]

24 August 24, 2022

ZOOM Shares Fall 15% as Growth Slows Post-Pandemic

2022-08-24T13:35:25+00:00August 24, 2022|

By Alice Seeley As many companies are finally recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and employees are returning to the office, video conference platform Zoom is struggling to adapt. This week, a day after the company reported that its quarterly earnings were below expectations, Zoom’s stock fell over 15% to under $82 per share. Zoom’s chief financial officer, Kelly Steckelberg, stated weighted sales, the [...]

19 August 19, 2022

Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act

2022-08-19T14:53:01+00:00August 19, 2022|

By Alice Seeley This week, President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act, a $437 billion measure, into law. "With this law, the American people won, and the special interests lost," President Biden stated. "This administration began amid a dark time in America … a once-in-a-century pandemic, devastating joblessness, clear and present threats to democracy and the rule of law, [...]

18 August 18, 2022

Biden Cancels Student Debt for ITT Tech Students

2022-08-18T19:13:14+00:00August 18, 2022|

By Alice Seeley On Aug. 16, the U.S. Department of Education announced it would cancel $3.9 billion in student loan debt for 208,000 students who attended ITT Technical Institute (ITT) from January 2005 through September 2016. The decision came after an extensive investigation launched by the Department through ITT records and testimonies from ITT staff and students. "It is [...]

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